Galaxy White Gold Diamond & Sapphire Ring

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Crafted with precision from the 18K white gold and natural white diamond and sapphire, the ring's base is polished to perfection, ensuring a radiant shine that mimics the gleam of distant stars. The band of the Galaxy Ring, rather than being uniform, flows and winds gracefully, imitating the mesmerizing patterns seen in galaxies. This swirling design culminates in a focal point where a cluster of natural diamonds is embedded, reminiscent of a star cluster or a supernova in its prime.



18K White Gold
0.2 & 0.55 carat ofNatural White Diamond & Ruby

Weight 2.3 g


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Jewellery Care

The 18k gold jewellery can be worn all day, everyday, try to minimize exposure to cleaning agents, beauty products, water and chemicals.  

Mix a few drops of detergent-free soap with warm water. One piece at a time, soak your jewellery and the use a very soft brush to lightly clean each piece. Rinse with care and finally, lightly dry the jewellery with a lint-free cloth or paper towel.

Always store your 18k in a dry area, like your jewellery pouch, to prevent exposure to the elements. Don’t keep it stored for too long though – it was made to be worn!