Ring & Necklace Size

Ring Size

How to Measure Ring Size

If you want a ring that fits you perfectly, you have to first measure your fingers accurately. Here are two of the best ways to get a precise measurement

  • Method 1: Measure Your Finger

You can easily measure your finger using a strip of paper or string. First, cut out a strip of paper that is approximately 2 cm wide and 10cm long. Then, wrap it around the base of your intended finger and mark where the paper overlaps. Finally, measure the length of the paper in millimetres (mm) to determine the circumference of your finger. 

You can use our conversion chart to find out your corresponding ring size. In the case that your knuckles drastically differs in size compared to your finger, you will also have to measure your knuckles; choosing the size that falls in-between these two measurements.

  • Method 2: Measure a Ring You Already Have 
Another simple way to determine your ring size is to take a ruler and measure an existing ring that fits you well. All you have to do is take a ruler and measure it across the inside of the ring from edge to edge. As usual, take the measurement in millimetres (mm), and then use our conversion chart to find out your ring size! 

It’s really as simple as that!

Additional tips: to get an even more accurate measurement, measure your finger at the end of the day, as this is the time when your fingers are at their largest. It is also best to avoid measuring your fingers when they are cold. 

Conversion chart


Necklace Size

To make it easy for you to find the size you are looking for, we have created a visual to give you an idea how long the necklaces will be on you.